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The push-up is one of the oldest, most known and most common general strengthening exercises.

The push-up strengthens the muscles of the chest, triceps and the back but if the push-up is performed with narrow arms then it perfectly forms the triceps as well.

Place your hands on the ground shoulder width apart. Pay attention to the correct position while  performing the push-ups; the buttock and your abs shall be firm, don’t let your hip hang, your head shall be the extension of your torso. Your elbows shall be closely next to your body when extending or bending your arms. Let yourself down to the point where your chest almost touches the ground. In the lower phase of the motion take a short break before you’d extend your arms. The exercise is easier if you don’t lean on your feet but on your knees in a wider straddle and it can be also harder if you place your legs on a platform.