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This exercise provides a continuous load for the whole thigh and the glutes as well. It works the hamstring, the quadriceps and the adductor femoris muscle. This is one of the best lunges, especially performing it continuously without a break because not only the thigh muscles improve but also the stamina, the respiratory and circulatory systems. As you perform the exercise on one leg, therefore several stabilizing muscles work and your balance improves as well. No need to be scared if you fall in the beginning, it will get better later on. Despite the one legged execution both of the legs work, there is a bigger burden on the front one but also the rear one receives some load.

You will need a step pad for the exercise but you can also place your legs on a chair or other platform or on a bar in the right height of wall bars. Otherwise the exercise shall be executed just like a lunge.  In the starting position your whole body, head, torso, what’s more your feet face forward, you don’t turn them into any direction during the whole exercise. Lower yourself until your front leg becomes parallel with the ground. Pay attention that your knees should not be ahead of your toes. Your back’s straight. You will lean forward a little bit, this is natural but try to hold yourself as straight as possible. When you come back to the starting position with the help of the strength of your glutes and leg muscles, pay attention that you should not fully strain your knees, it should remain a little bent. Inhale when you lower yourself and exhale when you stand up.

In the beginning start with your own weight, later you can hold a dumbbell in each of your hands hanging next to yourself. In the beginning hold your arms folded in front of your, this helps in balancing but you can also put them on your hip. Advanced learners can also put a sandbag on their necks.