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This is the best exercise for the expansion of the chest.

The chest, back and the serratus anterior muscles are significantly burdened and the triceps as well.Lie down to supine position onto the Fit-ball. Hold altogether one moderately heavy dumbbell in your hands, then extend your arms above your chest, your legs should be in a straddle of shoulder width. Move the dumbbell directly above your chest at your reaching distance. Bend your arms in ca. 15 degrees and hold it like this throughout the exercise, don’t bend your arms fully, your elbows should face forward.  Slowly let the dumbbell backwards and downwards as low as it is still comfortable for you. Lift the dumbbell back to the starting position and repeat the exercise. You can extend your pectoral muscles even more if you lower your hip when the dumbbells reach the lowest point of the motion.