In today’s hectic world we have little time or energy left to pay attention to healthy eating and exercise. In only 2 x 20 minutes a week E-Fit aids those seeking a more active and health-conscious lifestyle. It also offers a great opportunity to those who would like to become familiar with a new, original, quick and effective option. It is an excellent complement to traditional forms of exercise, improves performance in other sports and ensures fitness and healthy muscle functioning.

There are and will certainly be people who cannot afford to spend several hours a week on exercise due to work obligations or for other reasons. E-Fit is the solution for them. In just 2 x 20 minutes a week they can improve their stamina and maintain their mental and physical fitness.

Many believe that after so many years without exercise they don’t have the strength to start again, to slowly build up and regain their previous shape. Exercising with EMS reduces the time needed to get back into shape as your muscles will be ready for higher-intensity work more quickly. This increases your appetite for exercise and gives you a sense of achievement since your performance will visibly improve during EMS sessions and in other activities, such as running, gym workout, cycling, etc.

This latter effect is the most important as the main aim of recreational exercise is to help us spend our leisure time in a healthy and meaningful manner, a key element of which is engagement in sports activities and body workout.