The E-Fit team has developed several unique solutions which make EMS training and treatment applications safe, throughout using using the 12-channel devices. The essence of the technology is to minimise the electrical load reaching the human body while maintaining the intensity of its muscle-stimulating effect. The solution to the problem was the development of the IST Impulse-Shift Technology perfected by E-Fit development engineers following lengthy research. A number of clinical trials have demonstrated the newly developed technology’s ability to achieve the same results as classic devices operating on the principle of galvanic separation and even to outperform them in many respects. The essence of IST Impulse-Shift Technology is the staggering of impulses generated by individual channels, in other words, stimulation occurs at only one point on the body in any given moment. Its greatest benefit is that cross-impulses occurring between channels can be eliminated and the carefully selected staggering frequency allows the time shift between muscles to remain unnoticed by the customer. Another great advantage is that the devices' energy requirement and output performance can be minimised and the electric current conveyed toward the human body - even through all 12 channels together - equals the power of only one channel. In other words, the output performance of the device, even when operated at peak levels, is max. 3.5 Watts. Taking into account impulse peaks and the intervals between them - produces a real output performance of 0.06 Watt RMS, thereby making it unique among devices on the market.


Impulse - Shift Technology


One of the main barriers to the more widespread use of whole-body muscle stimulation has its roots in electrode technology as the earlier silicon and metal based electrodes required the use of electrode jellies or gels to properly convey impulses and avoid skin irritation. However, E-Fit has found a solution to this problem as well by inventing FCPE electrodes which do not require the use of any gels or jellies as intermediary substances; all that is needed is for the electrode surface to be damped with clean water. The electrodes are sufficiently flexible to assume the shape of the target body part and muscle and thus are in contact with the largest possible area of skin. Another major benefit is that they can even be cleaned in a washing machine, containing no components prone to creasing, breaking, oxidation or corrosion, which significantly extends their lifespan. The main characteristic of the electrode is that the even surface resistance of the area in contact with the skin does not cause any irritation. E-Fit has developed its technical suit in a way that makes it easy to place the electrodes at the required points and to modify their positions as needed. Furthermore the cables leading to the electrodes run through a hidden tunnel inside the suit and do not disturb the customer or hinder his or her movement or performance of exercises. E-Fit’s engineers have assembled the whole device package using easy-to-repair and replaceable modular components, thereby enabling their simple and economical use by clubs and operators.