“I believe that you have the opportunity every day to change someone else’s life.”

Attila Katus
 - Six-time world and two-time European aerobic champion
 - World Games winner
 - Lecturer at SOTE Physical Education and Sport Sciences Faculty
 - Personal trainer and aerobics instructor, lifestyle expert
 - Pilates, Indoor Cycling, yoga instructor
 - Coca-Cola Body Waking Ambassador
 - Trainer of the Year 2010. ELITE - Zalakaros – Health tourism ambassador
 - 2012. Member of the Environmental Protection Committee of the Hungarian Olympic Committee
 - Hungarian Gymnastics Association – The most successful athlete of the last 125 years in aerobic
 - Hungarian Ecumenical Aid Organisation – Pro Bono Ambassador
 - 2014. BioTech USA FITBALANCE Award – Male Instructor of the year
 - 2014 – Award “For the Sport of the Population” of the Hungarian Recreative Sport Association 


It is an important part of every kind of physical exercise and this is also true for the E-Fit trainings as well that the exercises should be performed in the correct way, facilitating this way the proper development  of the muscles and the protection of the joints. It is important to always train smart and consciously rather than hard.

  • - Make it stick that only the regular training brings success. Rather train less but that training should be regular.  
  • - Don’t be impatient. You can reach your goals by taking small steps as well.
  • - Don’t try to make up for missing out several years within a few days.  
  • - Allow yourself recovery time between two trainings as your body develops even during the rest period.


Attila Katus – whose life is about physical education – presents the exercises that can be well combined with the E-Fit trainings.  By clicking on the name of the chosen exercise you can get familiar with the correct way of the execution and it is also presented by photos.


E-Fit training exercises:

1. Standing lateral raise with dumbbells
2. Bent over lateral raises in attack position
3. Standing shoulder press
4. Rotator cuff exercise
5. Standing biceps exercise with alternating arms
6. Focused biceps exercise
7. Horse kick – Triceps extension with bent torso
8. Overhead triceps extension
9. Triceps push-up
10. Lateral push-up
11. Flyes with TRX
12. Exercise for the pectoral muscles on a Fit-ball with dumbbells
13. Overhead pullover on a Fit-ball
14. Pectoral muscle exercise with plastic cord
15. Wide grip front lat pull-down with weight bar
16. Back muscle exercise with plastic cord
17. Rowing with narrow grip with the help of G-Flex
18. Reverse flys with the help of the G-Flex
19. Deep back muscle exercise on a Fit-ball
20. Leg raise on a Fit-ball
21. Hyperextension on the ground
22. Crunches
23. Abs exercise with the help of a Fit-ball
24. Oblique muscles exercise with BOSU
25. Leg raise with soft-ball
26. Leg raise on the ground with alternate legs
27. Static plank
28. Lateral plank
29. Plank on Fit-ball with leg raise
30. Lunge with alternate legs
31. One legged squat with G-Flex
32. Squat with Sparrow bag
33. Backwards lunge with G-Flex
34. Stiff legged deadlift
35. Deadlift with bent legs
36. Curl with hip lift with the help of the G-Flex
37. Bulgarian lunge on step pad
38. Hip raise on Fit-ball
39. Hip raise on Fit-ball with weight
40. Kneeling plank leg raise backwards and sideways with the weight ball
41. Calf exercise standing on a step pad