During conscious exercise and sport the brain’s messages are transmitted to the muscle’s motor controls through the nerve-tract by electrical impulses. The EMS technology (Electric Muscle Stimulation) delivers electrical stimulation directly to the muscles causing them to contraction and relaxation exactly as they do during exercise.

The EMS technology has existed for a long time and it is based on decades of research and development work. There are several distinct impulses used in the fields of therapy, cosmetology and recreation. These kind of stimulus, also known as voltaic currents, are different waveforms that are apt to cause certain affects. In case of proper use they contribute to the muscles’ and the connective tissue’s recreation, growth as well as to the prevention of thrombosis without any undesirable side effects.

The history of the muscles’ electric stimulation goes back to 1791, to Luigi Galvani’s experiment. Since then countless research studies and sports results have confirmed its effectiveness and the technology has also been registered as a recognised muscle conditioning approach by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

The E-Fit devices also use the EMS technology, which has been perfected on the basis of extensive research. The device comprises a special suit equipped with 10 electrode pairs and a modern voltage and frequency control panel regulating the treatment process. The comfortable dress is made from a breathable material, it allows a freedom in exercise and keeps the electrode cables on the appropriate muscle group perfectly.