Body shaping, ripping muscles

This programme generates cyclical muscle stimulation. It stimulates the body’s "Fast" muscle groups (optimal tensile strength, short-term, high oxygen consumption, sensitivity, fatigue) of the body. The resulting contractions are supplemented by a special rhythmical movement, which produces perfect results when used in two or three workouts per week.

This programme is specifically developed for customers who do not wish to lose weight, but to build muscles. During the programme muscles are exposed to impulses of higher frequency and greater pulse width, whereby deeper muscles are also activated. Depending on the individual’s age, gender, body shape and training level the pulse width can be independently set, thus the intensity of exercise increases. It is essential to achieve good results throughout regular exercises. The trainings can be made more effective by using different tools (dumbbells, rubber band, gym ball, TRX ropes, etc.). The exercises should be synchronized with the pulse rhythm. The personal trainer shall demonstrate each task and help the customers to perform the exercises correctly. After each workout session muscles will seem toned that remain visible during regular training sessions. Following the sessions protein shakes can be provided for the customers upon request, which can speed up the process of muscle building. When a healthy diet regime is kept, results are visible just after a few workout sessions.