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In my sporting career of many years I have come across various forms of training but found the widest range of possibilities with E-Fit. My customers come to me with different goals. Some would like to become skinnier/lose weight; others want to get back into shape; and still others would like to build and shape their muscles. Thanks to a wide variety of setting options, E-Fit allows perfect customisation of individual training needs and thus we can work towards our customers’ goals in accordance with their fitness levels. By combining E-Fit with other devices (TRX, Bosu, Fitball, etc.) we can make training even more effective. My customers are satisfied because we can achieve quick and visible results together. E-Fit is a great option also for those who have suffered a muscle injury since the method can be applied effectively in such cases as well.

László SütőNational football team player and E-Fitness trainer – Kondorosi E-Fit Szalon

I recommend E-Fit to my guests as a complementary training to their weekly fitness sessions. Many of our customers have contacted me wanting to lose weight; E-Fit offers a great opportunity for them as this type of training increases the metabolic rate, which in turn triggers the process of weight loss. As a personal trainer I have compared it with conventional training plans and it has been my experience that those combining E-Fit sessions with a traditional workout regime as part of their lifestyle change programme can achieve results more quickly and more efficiently. In the case of significant weight loss (slimming) E-Fit has produced positive results in tightening sagging skin and regaining its suppleness.

Éva Kovács Personal trainer and head coach

In today’s hectic and stressful world people have little time left for preserving their health and fitness, although many would like to do that. The adaptation of the EMS technology to training purposes can make a difference in many people’s lives by helping them develop a healthy lifestyle as part of their daily routines. Everybody can make themselves free for 20 minutes 3 times a week; however, the training works not only for people suffering from a lack of time but also for those frequenting the gym or regularly engaging in sports. Thanks to its versatile programmes everyone can achieve their set goal, be it to lose weight, eliminate cellulite, build muscles, get ripped or shape particular body parts.

Réka RajnaiWorld cup winning fitness model, reporter and television presenter

I have been recommending E-Fit training to my customers for over one and a half years. It can be used effectively also by those who look upon E-Fit as complementary training since it is guaranteed that this form of exercise will develop their fitness and muscle groups. It is great to share the joy of customers who are determined to integrate sport into their lifestyle. With E-Fit training they can reach their goals more quickly and can work on building lean muscles in a more targeted manner and more quickly. Their success is our success!

Gabriella KispéterE-Fit and Fitwalking trainer

Initially, I got to know EMS technology-based training as a customer and was very convinced by the change that I experienced with myself. I chose the E-Fit device as with many of its programmes the impulses can be adjusted to the customer’s musculature, making the impulse feel much more pleasant (many customers complain that other EMS machines prick or actually hurt their skin), helps with weight loss and body shape, which can be measured in centimetres, as opposed to other EMS devices which only build muscle mass. It caused the back pain of my older customers to disappear after a few sessions and is an ideal tool for prevention regardless of age/gender. I also use the device twice a week and still feel stiff after every session; development is continuous.

Viktória WölfingerTrainer - FuturE-Fit Studio

Training with E-Fit is a miracle. I managed to achieve my goals in record time. I trained hard with E-Fit to get my best shape for the role I played in „Desire”. I managed to get results that I’ve never been dreaming about: low body fat, six pack abs, muscled, lean body. Everything is possible with E-Fit.

Luis Merloactor

E-Fit is an incredible method. I am addicted to it. I’ve got a rough-and –tumble life. I never know when my day starts and when it ends. Shootings are never ending. That’s why I’ve chosen E-Fit. The 20-minute workouts are active, intensive and very efficient. My body is stronger, my botty is musculous. This training method is unique! It really works!

I train with the EMS method. During my workouts I use this excellente device. Unbelievable!

Kiko MatamorosTV and media

Great invention, excellent results. E-Fit.

Ruth Nuñez actress

Being a football player means that I have to progress continuously in order to be faster, stronger and more agile. I achieved my goals with only one session per week with E-Fit. This is an extremely effective method.

Jordi Codinafootballer

This is the best method I’ve ever known for fat burning and whole body workout.

I absolutely recommend the latest method of fitness, cardio training and strengthening. Get into shape with E-Fit during 20-minute workouts. Get into your best shape. This is the latest method and this is the future. Only 20 minutes a week and you will feel the difference. It is a must try!

MakokeTV and media

E-Fit is the best. Each and every training sessions are different and they end up in better and better results. It is a miracle. Being an actress means that I have to be in a perfect shape and I have to feel great. E-Fit helps me to be healthy and beautiful.

This is brutal. I’m a professional football player, I train hard on the highest level. However, E-Fit is something unbelievable. Once you try it you can’t live without it. It is undoubtable that E-Fit is the invention of the 21th century.

Cata Diazfootball player

E-Fit is unbelievable! Amazing results with only little effort. E-Fit is my way of training.

Marta Torneactress

Being a flamenco dancer means that I always have to be in a perfect shape. I need to be healthy and musculous with only a little body fat. E-Fit is what everybody dreams of. You can get great results in a very short period of time by working with a qualified method. The result is a real miracle. I absolutely recommend it to everybody.

Cecilia Gomezflamenco dancer

The E-Fit machine such as professional athletes, especially the abdominal and back strengthening use it. The E-Fit is the perfect workout for me to form, as a lot of basketball to be a major collision stable. After the match, the Relax program is very good because it speeds up muscle regeneration, which is important to avoid injuries.

Attila KovacProfessional basketball player - Denmark, Hørsholm 79ers