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E-Fit Business Solution offers high return on investment. We provide a full service to help you to be a professional distributor in your country or to build a professional E-Fit Studio anywhere in the world. Our proficient team contributes to the success of the business and go over the opportunities for its implementation and use.

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E-Fit products can be found today in more than 50 countries (last year more than 1 million E-Fit trainings were performed globally). E-Fit trainers who took part in a special training course help thousands of customers day by day to achieve their goals. More than 36,000 muscle contractions can be reached during a single E-Fit training session; deep muscles can be worked out in a more efficient way and this way a 20-minute E-Fit training provides more to the customers than a 90-minute traditional training. This is backed up by scientific research and customer feedback too.

Who has already tried the E-Fit

The 20-minute workouts are active, intensive and very efficient. My body is stronger, my botty is musculous. This training method is unique! It really wors!
Melani Olivares
Being a football player means that I have to progress continuously in order to be faster, stronger and more agile. I achieved my goals with only one session per week with E-Fit. This is an extremely effective method.
Jordi Codina

E-Fit on stage with Arnold Schwarzenegger at Success Day


Dr. Janos Papp owner of E-Fit also spoke about the success of E-Fit on the stage. Those who chose Success Day as a program, had a long day full of experience, great advices and motivations. On the event, great athletes and successful people spoke about their success and the road to their success such as Dr. Denes Kemeny, Gyorgy Kozmann, Attila Katus, Dr. Gergely Kiss, Gabor Talmacsi and the Rakonczai brothers. Of course the main attraction of the day was Arnold Schwarzenegger’s speech in which he described his 6 points of success, but this time, in details.

more intensive than traditional training
of your body muscles are activated.

If you have questions about our new business solution, please write a message. A member of our staff would be happy to show you the special features of the E-Fit training and go over the opportunities for its implementation and use. Feel free to contact us.

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